About our business

R&L INTERNATIONAL TRADING — we supply our worldwide partners with fur skins, fur trimmings and fur linings. But we are also creators and designers if required with the ability to manufacture according to the ideas of our customers or inspired by ourselves. Intensive production control, quality management and full service secures our well established high quality.

Know-how rooted in tradition! Based on decades of experience and with passion for fur and details we emerged as one of the leading suppliers of the international textile, leather and fur industry.

Our partners are furriers and industrial enterprises.

Furriers — never before have they been challenged like today. Manufacturing and styling of fur is more advanced than ever before and fashion is not imaginable without the combination of leather, textile materials and fur.

Industrial enterprises — our partners range from mid sized to large scale enterprises and brands. Pure and solitary, fur combination or fur trimmings — whatever is imaginable — but without any doubt, fur belongs to the highlights of each winter collection.

We consider ourselves not only as partners but also as consultants and promise support and information regarding furs and their manufacturing. We want to ensure that at the end of each production chain the soul of this precious gift of nature meets the heart of the woman who wears it at ultimate perfection.